The client is a terminal operator with three ports with the main port having an annual throughput of 800,000 TEU


  • Business pain points included poor usage of its TOS and in particular inadequate use of advanced functions in the TOS leading to higher staff hours and less operational efficiency.
  • Bestshore conducted a detailed review of current usage of TOS and implemented recommendations to obtain better usage of the current Terminal Operating System including advanced features/modules.
  • A key finding from this review was, that while some benefits could be gained from end user training and implementation of advanced functions in the TOS the root cause of the poor efficiency and high cost was due to negative behavior of the Lines calling the port where in particular late gate, change of vessel nominations, change of destination of export boxes and late vessel arrivals caused significant negative impact on the operational efficiency and bottom-line of the terminal.


  • A revenue enhancement study was initiated where Bestshore conducted assessment of how the port interacts with its key customers.
  • The study revealed through detailed analysis how old customs and habits of the port and its key customers negatively impacts operational efficiency and erodes the bottom-line of the port.
  • Output from this study, which was backed by actual data from the backend systems, was a recommendation to launch a dedicated revenue enhancement programme aiming to significantly improve revenues and operational efficiency through a combination of a more constructive dialogue with customers and a more assertive approach with the aim to achieve better compliance with port policies.
  • Annual bottom-line improvement potential exceeded USD 2 Mill


​Increase top-line revenue by over 3% through improved business rule compliance.

Substantially improved negotiation position at time of annual contract/tariff renewal with Lines. Reduced number of unproductive moves. Fewer cases of revenue leakage. Improved customer service levels Identification of activities, which are non cost compensatory.

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