Large-Scale Service Provider in South Africa

The largest and most important freight logistics chain in South Africa. One of a very few terminals to apply multi-facility modules of Sparcs N4

Bestshore was contracted for providing the super-user training in the Basics and Advanced Modules of the Sparcs N4 and received excellent feedback from the end-customer for a high-quality training program and innovative approach as regards training exercises.

Bestshore successfully achieved the objective of:-

  • ​Training the candidates in improving and optimizing the TOS / terminal equipment utilization
  • ​Training in the Basic Vessel Planning, Yard Planning, Rail Planning & Truck Dispatching modules
  • ​Training of Advanced modules Vessel Autostow, Rail Autostow, Prime Route and Expert Decking in yard
  • ​Mentoring and documenting best practices and procedures in terminal operations​

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