​This customer had very ambitious growth targets while being severely constrained by manual and inconsistent business processes as well as outdated and inefficient IT systems. Bestshore was initially hired to carry out a Swift IT Assessment of the company. Subsequently, Bestshore provided an interim CIO to lead a rapid change process that would optimize the IT systems landscape and organization, and ensure full alignment with business processes. The Bestshore interim CIO successfully led the efforts while being deeply involved in hands-on analysis and concrete implementation projects. Among the achievements were:

  • ​Definition and implementation of an IT strategy - fully aligned with the business strategy and plans
  • Re-implementation and optimization of existing IT systems. Implementation of additional support systems and the retirement of obsolete or inefficient systems. This included on-shore business systems as well as the definition and implementation of a new ship-IT and ship-to-shore infrastructure
  • Technical capacity analysis and planning in alignment with business targets
  • Near- and long-term analysis and re-engineering of business processes
  • Alignment of current and new IT systems against business requirements and with a view to support core business processes
  • Implementing vendor relationship management, including establishing new relations and improving existing ones
  • Implementing systems for digitalization and securing of all corporate information – including paper archives and paper-based processes
  • Transforming the IT setup from pure in-house hosting with very limited global access and no redundancy to a fully integrated, highly redundant cloud-based operation – with key business systems being securely accessible from virtually any type of device from any location

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