This customer had realized that major changes to IT systems, infrastructure, and organization would be required to meet an aggressive global growth strategy and efficiency requirements. The CEO hired a Bestshore consultant to cover three positions: Technical advisor to the CEO and CIO, Enterprise Architect, and Infrastructure Delivery Manager. The overall responsibility of the Bestshore consultant was to lead the modernization of all technical aspects of the IT systems landscape while ensuring full near and long term alignment with the business strategy and goals. Among the specific projects and tasks were.

  • ​Analysis of all technical aspects of a global tender process for a new liner ERP system, including evaluation and elicitation of non-functional requirements, and deep involvement in the vendor selection process and contract negotiations
  • Modernization of the global IT landscape - IT operations, IT organization, hardware, applications, collaboration tools, vessel communications, and interfaces
  • Definition and implementation of a corporate IT strategy, policies and standards
  • Review and leadership of all IT projects, globally – including the retirement of a number of unprofitable projects
  • Vendor evaluation and management, including sourcing analysis
  • Technical capacity analysis, planning, and load planning and testing
  • Modernization of the company’s global network infrastructure, including the responsibility of a global WAN procurement project to efficiently and cost-effectively support business requirements for capacity, latency, QoS, CoS, availability, and support. The new global WAN infrastructure would predominantly be based MPLS.

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