​This customer wanted to assess if business processes across ports as well as the underlying terminal operating systems were optimal and fully aligned.

Bestshore was hired to carry out an extensive business process and technical analysis across the ports operations in order to (1) provide a clear overview of the current situation and (2) recommend the best and most cost efficient way forward. As part of this work, Bestshore

  • Carried out an extensive business process analysis across the ports operations. The Bestshore team identified, specified, and provided action plans for a range of significant improvements that would fully align the ports and IT operations with the company’s business strategy, reduce waste, improve efficiency, and underpin the port operator’s leading market position and revenues
  • Developed business and non-functional requirements catalogues for a unified TOS
  • Carried out a 10 year IT capacity analysis in full alignment with the company’s business targets
  • Conducted an in-depth comparative analysis between the current terminal operating systems and the major players in the TOS market
  • Developed transition strategies and high level transition plans for identified key options – supported by a thorough risk assessment

All work was carried out in close cooperation and coordination with company interns and top management. The analysis was backed by 10-year TCO calculations - including transition overhead, time and costs.

Based on the analysis, the company decided to establish a change program and Bestshore was asked to provide an Interim CIO to align the IT organization and lead the initial phases of the program.​

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